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La Rue Floral is a Colorado floral design company that specializes in

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Founded in 2014, La Rue Floral specializes in custom flowers for celebrations in Colorado. For years, the company has provided gorgeous, luxury flowers for couples in the Colorado mountains and beyond, as well as artful floral arrangements for elegant dinner parties and private celebrations.

Floral is hugely important to La Rue Floral couples, as the vast majority of our clients prioritize flowers and decor as one of the top three most important elements on their day. Whether your wedding day will be under a tent with mountain views or your planning a memorable dinner party for close friends in your private residence, La Rue Floral specializes in artful, lush, and nature-inspired designs that will elevate or transform a space and create everlasting, beautiful memories for couples and their guests.

From bridal party flowers, to memorable and meaningful ceremony blooms, to the most transformative and breathtaking reception centerpieces and installations, La Rue Floral has worked with many leading wedding planners, venues, and vendors to produce some of the most beautiful events for clients in Colorado. 

lush. organic. natural. elegant. sophisticated. intentional. transformative.

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With every decision, the company demonstrates honesty and strong ethical practices when it comes to serving its clients, honoring its team, and collaborating with industry colleagues. From being dependable and following through on commitments, being transparent in communications, and displaying respect for others, La Rue Floral values integrity first and foremost.



Our Business

Core Values

La Rue Floral is committed to taking steps toward inclusivity and fair representation in the wedding industry with regard to race, sexual orientation, religion, and gender. The company values diversity and believes honoring our unique identities and individual life experiences does not divide us, it unifies us.



La Rue Floral is passionate about the beautiful designs, visions, and creative ideas it generates with its clients to bring beautiful weddings to life. Regardless of the size of the celebration, every floral creation is designed with great intention, care, and artistic expression. The artistry behind the company’s floral creations is fueled by Casey’s passion for fine art and purposeful creativity.



La Rue Floral believes that its best work comes from a place of intention and purpose. Whether that's connecting with a client to learn their authentic story, or creating work that offers deeper reflection and thought, the company is passionate about pursuing projects that allow for intentional designs from start to finish.



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As a former professional dancer, I have a passion for creative expression. I'm also passionate about interior spaces, refined art, traveling, culture, and architecture. 

My Experiences Have Shaped

La Rue Floral's Core Values

I was a Montessori Teacher and I discovered my love for floral design in 2012 when I introduced a botany unit into my lower elementary classroom.

I met my husband in Chicago, where I'm originally from. We moved to Colorado to be in the mountains, adopted Smokey, and got married on a perfect rainy day.

Hats are my power outfit. I could wear anything, but the second I put a hat on my head, I feel most like myself.

We were blown away by the attention to detail and personal care we received.

"You can feel Casey's passion in everything she does."

- Corey, Bride

Transforming spaces with elegant and romantic floral designs.