Dried Floral Tutorials

November 11, 2020

I’m delighted to share this new series of dried floral tutorials!

As we saw our beloved wedding industry quickly impacted by the pandemic in 2020, I also noticed a need for floral tutorials and private virtual workshops to give people something to look forward to during those early quarantine weeks. The challenge? Shipping live floral product across the country is difficult and costly. We made it work, but there were certainly hiccups with shipping and keeping live flowers fresh in transit, which made me go back to the drawing board.

By summer 2020, I noticed a growing interest in dried floral product from friends and family, especially with pampas grass. Dried floral has been a trendy style in Colorado for years, and our Boho brides absolutely love the look of pampas grass, so the product itself is nothing new. However, I started noticing how frequently my friends asked about pampas grass and other dried florals for their home. I began creating dried floral kits with video tutorials, and it was truly life-giving for both my customers and myself during a time when everything was shut down and we were all missing connection.

While La Rue Floral has always focused on providing luxury wedding flowers for clients, this new dried floral project was something I couldn’t ignore. Enter The Floristry Box, a sister company to La Rue Floral that provides easy, at-home, floral kits and tutorials that you can gift to a friend or enjoy for yourself. The kits include dried floral centerpieces, wreaths, hoop wall hangings, garlands, statement arrangements, and more.

All of the gorgeous images throughout this particular post are courtesy of McKenzie Coyle Photography. It brings me tremendous joy to know that these craft lovers not only get the value of creating something for their own home, as well as tangible skills and they can use in the future, BUT that we’ve found a way to stay connected through this difficult time through a shared love, passion, interest, and hobby.

In addition to the tutorials, and in the wake of Covid19, I also noticed a wave of couples planning small elopements and micro weddings that were in need of just a few floral arrangements for their ceremony. La Rue Floral specifically serves large scale, luxury weddings, but this seemed like something The Floristry Box could certainly accommodate.

I was able to safely ship dried floral product with supplies included to couples in Chicago, New York, Montana, and South Carolina successfully with plenty of time for them to create their floral arrangements for their wedding day. For the bride or groom or sibling/best friend of the couple that enjoys hands-on projects, its truly an ideal way to bring gorgeous floral into the day. I discovered that as long as dried floral product is used, our pre-designed bouquets and boutonnieres could be safely shipped as well. Dried floral lasts forever, which means these kits and dried floral elopement orders can be shipped far in advance and safely stored away prior to the wedding day. Afterward, they can be given aways as gifts or put on display at home to be enjoyed forever.

Truly, this has been a project I’ve enjoyed discovering and look forward to what the future holds for The Floristry Box. As you can imagine, the holidays were successful since everyone was craving creativity and a hands on project to enjoy at home. I look forward to building on this beautiful aspect of La Rue Floral’s offerings, both while the pandemic prevents us from having large gatherings, and for the years to come.

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