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Call us bias, but we believe floral is one of the most fun aspects about planning a wedding. We can't wait to hear more about your vision and floral dreams! To begin the getting to know you process, you can fill out the inquiry form below. If you are a planner inquiring on behalf of a client, we look forward to connecting with you! Fell free to use the "Tell Us More" space to do just that.

Please note: A minimum floral investment of $15,000 is required to work with La Rue Floral (with the exception of micro weddings)

La Rue Floral provides beautiful floral creations for luxury celebrations. ⟶

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Frequently Asked Questions

We cannot say enough wonderful things about our experience with Casey.

"We cannot say enough wonderful things about our experience with Casey. When planning our wedding, the best advice I can offer is to hire the pros and trust them to do the work. Never could something be more true than with Casey and her team. It was a dream come true from start to finish."

- Megan, Bride

Can I qualify for a Micro Wedding if we have over 25 guests?

We know from years of experience that the size of a wedding largely determines the amount of labor required to produce it. On average, our couples invest around $25,000 for floral with an average guest count of 125. In light of the pandemic, we have created a unique minimum for small weddings with 5 - 25 guests only. This micro wedding floral experience begins at $2,500, with couples investing an average of $7,500.

With regard to covid 19, Will La Rue Floral be taking on weddings with more than 25 guests in 2021?

Yes, but it is important to know that there is still some risk involved with regard to Covid19. You will be required to hire a full time wedding/event planner to manage the logistics of your day as well as rescheduling possibilities. La Rue Floral will also require that you sign a contract that states you understand the risk you take when planning a large wedding in a pandemic.


Asked Questions

what precautionary measures is La Rue Floral taking to be safe and reduce the risk of spreading the virus?

La Rue Floral is committed to limiting the spread of Covid19 amongst wedding guests, its own employees, and other vendors by following CDC guidelines and staying updated on current information regarding the virus. Until advised otherwise, all florists will wear masks while on site for set up. If required, temperatures will be taken before each event and all florists will provide their own water bottles, lunches, and hand sanitizers. Upon request, clients may ask La Rue Floral be tested for Covid19 prior to the wedding day. This is an additional cost, but we are happy to honor this request. La Rue Floral also encourages the personal decision to get vaccinated to help reduce the risk of infection. 

In addition to flowers, can La Rue Floral also design the rest of our wedding day?

Yes, Casey LeGalley has a background in event design and offers design services to clients and wedding planners that inquire. Casey’s event design services include a comprehensive design deck including concepts for rentals, linens, draping, backdrops, lighting, and floor plans. Although La Rue Floral offers event design services, it is important to understand the difference between a wedding planner and an event designer. Design services do not include managing hotel accommodations, tracking wedding invitations or RSVP’s, or managing the clients’ timeline and budget. Casey LeGalley can recommend several incredible wedding planners who specialize in logistics and other skills specific to wedding planning.

Does La Rue Floral take on multiple weddings each weekend?

No. La Rue Floral is committed to taking on only one couple per weekend to ensure excellent service is provided and that each wedding is executed flawlessly. Exceptions are only made for couples who require La Rue Floral's services for rehearsal dinner the night before their wedding day.

I have a specific vision in mind for our small wedding celebration, but don’t want to spend too much on flowers. Can you provide just a few floral arrangements?

Unfortunately, no. The Floristry Box, however, is La Rue Floral's sister company, that offers dried floral design kits with video tutorials that you can create ahead of time on your own. The kits include beautiful, non-perishable, dried floral product as well as the supplies you'll need to create beautiful ceremony and reception flowers. We also can ship dried floral bridal bouquets designed by La Rue Floral in our signature style as well as dried floral boutonnieres and corsages.

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