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Please note we are no longer offering services for wedding flowers beginning in 2023. The form below is for editorial projects and photoshoots only. 

La Rue Floral provides florals for artistic projects and editorial photoshoots

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Frequently Asked Questions

We cannot say enough wonderful things about our experience with Casey.

"We cannot say enough wonderful things about our experience with Casey. When planning our wedding, the best advice I can offer is to hire the pros and trust them to do the work. Never could something be more true than with Casey and her team. It was a dream come true from start to finish."

- Megan, Bride

Does la rue floral also do wedding planning?

No. We are strictly a full service floral production company, and we require our clients to have a full service wedding planner prior to contracting La Rue floral's services. If asked, we may assist your wedding planner during the wedding design process. 

With regard to covid 19, Will La Rue Floral be taking on weddings with more than 25 guests?

Yes, but it is important to know that there is still some risk involved with regard to Covid19. You will be required to hire a full time wedding/event planner to manage the logistics of your day as well as rescheduling possibilities. La Rue Floral will also require that you sign a contract that states you understand the risk you take when planning a large wedding in a pandemic.


Asked Questions

Will we see a design concept prior to signing a contract?

No. Due to the amount of time and research required to create a floral design deck (approximately 40 to 50 hours), clients are required to commit to La Rue Floral's services with a signed contract and retainer payment of $5,000 before any design work begins. Similar to wedding planners, event producers, interior designers, and any other artistic profession that requires in depth research and design time to create something that is tangible and beautiful for a client, all clients are expected to commit to La Rue's services prior to receiving their design concept. We look forward to sharing this process in detail with the planner and the couple at our first virtual consultation.

In addition to flowers, can La Rue Floral also design the rest of our wedding day?

Yes. Casey LeGalley has a background in event design and offers design services to clients and wedding planners that inquire. This is particularly common for planners traveling to Colorado from out of state. Casey’s event design services include a comprehensive design deck including concepts for rentals, linens, draping, lighting, and floor plans. Although La Rue Floral offers event design services, it does not offer wedding planning services, and will not be present with the client on wedding day, manage hotel accommodations, track wedding invitations/RSVP’s, or manage the clients’ timeline and budget, as our focus is on producing a beautiful reception space for the couple.

Does La Rue Floral take on multiple weddings each weekend?

No. La Rue Floral is committed to taking on only one couple per weekend to ensure excellent service is provided and that each wedding is executed flawlessly. Casey LeGalley specializes in large-scale floral design and production. To ensure the highest quality floral product and highest level of service for each client, La Rue Floral will only be taking 2-3 weddings in 2023.

Will you travel to a destination outside of the united states for a wedding?

Yes. We are looking forward to travel restrictions lifting in the near future and are hoping to do more destination weddings in 2023. As long as the borders and travel restrictions allow us to travel to other countries, we will handle the logistics for getting the flowers and our team there. Additionally, we have worked in various cities around the US as well, and love destination weddings.

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