An Editorial Celebrating the Emergence of Summer and Joyful, Luxurious Living

“She wasn’t tired. She was uninspired.

She traced back the path she had taken since birth and realized it was a path laid down by others.

She left the path. 

Stepped where there were no footprints.

Learned to make choices that pleased her soul.

She felt something new and wonderful grow in her chest.

She came to call this feeling peace.”

Jaiya John

From the vision of La Rue Floral comes this beautiful story of a woman living an abundantly beautiful life filled with celebration and delight. Inspired by the beautiful words of Jaiya John, a story about self worth, deservedness, and a luxurious lifestyle was brought to life with Clover Events and Productions and Carrie King Photographer.

In Chicago, a city where historical charm and futuristic vision converge, lives a woman who embraces her independence and uses her own story as inspiration. It is late spring, but summer is all around her. As she leaves work to prepare for an eventful weekend ahead, she steps out onto the rooftop at The London House to soar amongst the city’s skyline. The architecture is spectacular, graceful and confident like her.

She retreats to her most sacred space; her home is a reflection of her soul and self worth. She has spent her life understanding the beauty of masterfully designed interior spaces and the power of carefully curated art. Her home also shares stories from the past. An old charcoal factory hidden in Chicago has been transformed into a secluded private residence, and she has filled it entirely with curated artifacts and story-telling details. Designed with intention and a Japanese-inspired wabi sabi aesthetic, the cracked concrete walls, salvaged windows, reclaimed wood floors, and overall grandiose yet minimalist spirit of this space generate daily inspiration for her. She begins her practice of self-care and is reminded that, like her home, she is resilient. She is at peace, becomes quiet as she resets, and begins celebrating her week’s accomplishments in complete stillness. Deserving in every breath.

She wakes the next morning to start a beautiful Chicago weekend filled with blossoming trees, warm air, and exciting plans. Her custom-designed suit is the perfect accessory for a breezy Saturday sail on the lake. Exuding confidence, she makes her way downtown to DuSable harbor. It is early in the season, but she is determined to spend time alone, reflecting on the water, alongside the magnificent buildings that inspire her most.

She returns home in the afternoon to prepare for an intimate dinner party she is hosting at her house. She has been planning this celebration for a long time, eagerly awaiting the emergence of summer. She has sent boxed invitations to her closest friends featuring concrete, gold, and acrylic details…a glimpse into what to expect at this long-awaited social gathering. It has been a long winter, and she is looking forward to seeing her friends in such an intimate and beautiful setting. The windowsills are adorned with moss and airy floral accents and her stairwell is embellished with cascading orchids and dramatic white blooms. A floral installation covers the wall in the foyer where she will greet her guests. She will start the evening wearing a stunning evening gown with billowing, sparkly sleeves and then later change into an elegant yet approachable cocktail dress.

The table is set with lush floral, candlelight, and place settings that evoke a feeling that is both elevated and familiar. She is sophisticated, refined, and inspired by the world, and infuses her innovative style into the table. From the delicate glass and gold flatware, to the bespoke place cards, imperfect stone chargers, and silk linens, it is this specific contrast of salvaged pieces joining with refined luxurious relics that brings her joy.

As guests arrive, she embraces the art of gathering as a sacred tradition as she thoughtfully introduces her friends. They toast and acknowledge one another and bond over the hard year they endured. But tonight is about celebrating and spending time together. They dine on a culmination of her favorite foods, inspired by her love for Asian and Italian cuisine. Cake is served, and guests are treated to individual cakes delicately designed with kintsugi-inspired details. The celebration is met by the soft warm glow of elevated candles hovering above the floral – a powerful reminder that love and light always rise above.

The evening is both healing and hopeful. As the summer season brings lighter days, they are reminded that being in good company is worth the wait. She has claimed this life of refined elegance and true happiness as her own and chooses to celebrate it daily.

Photography: Carrie King Photographer 

Floral, Decor, and Design: La Rue Floral 

Planning: Clover Events and Productions

Video: New Pixel Films 

Papers and Details Styling: Sweet Zion Paperie 

Rooftop Venue: London House 

Private Residence: Charcoal Factory Loft 

Cake: Flourish Cake Design 

Silks: La Soie Colorado 

Rentals and Place Settings: The Festive FrogCloud Terre

Model: Chelsea Jenkins

Makeup: Francely Makeup

Hair: We Only Do Pretty

Fashion Styling: Ariana Anderson

Rooftop Gown: Goli June

Lounge Attire: Veronica SheafferKnot Standard

Boat Attire: Knot Standard

Boudoir Attire: LouletteLingerieA.B. EllieHoney BridalDepartment of Curiosities

Evening Gown Attire: Rara AvisBelle BridalAtelierA.B. EllieHoney Bridal

Cocktail Dinner Attire: Sophie Et VoilàBelleBridal AtelierHushed CommotionHoney Bridal

  1. Carrie King says:

    This is on another level. What an incredible story and setting! I’m so honored to have a part of it!

    • Casey LeGalley says:

      Thank you so much, Carrie! It was such a pleasure working with you on this one!

  2. This is a straight-up WOW. Great work!

    • Casey LeGalley says:

      Thank you so much, Julie! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. It was a project filled with so much love and we were all so excited to share it with the world.

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