Wedding Flowers in the Time of Covid-19

January 13, 2021

I admit, it took me months to wrap my head around the idea of micro weddings. I had a hard time accepting that La Rue Floral’s beautiful, large-scale weddings originally planned in 2020 would have to be postponed, rescheduled, and majorly adjusted due to the pandemic. What. A. Bummer – especially for our incredible couples who were looking forward to their amazing wedding day.

When I realized there were couples that were excited about a smaller, more intimate gathering, I opened my heart to it as well. In 2020, La Rue Floral produced wedding flowers for six couples who’s wedding size was 25 guests or less. Unusual, yes, but also undeniably special and memorable.

By the time October rolled around, I started feeling comfortable with our industry’s new guidelines. Working with favorite planners and vendor partners to navigate this new norm was surprisingly enjoyable. We were all in it together, and we were just delighted to be doing weddings, regardless of how different they looked.

Stephanie and Pete got married in Denver in the fall of 2020. What made this wedding so special was Stephanie’ vision for closeness and connection with their friends and family. She knew there were restrictions, but there were also ways to showcase their personality and style while being totally safe. I was inspired by her optimism and positive outlook, and no surprise – their wedding day was exceptionally fantastic and intimate. All images from this post are courtesy of Kate Ivy Photography.

The overall style of the wedding featured a combination of welcoming, romantic autumnal blooms infused into a fun and exciting ambiance. The flowers were designed in La Rue Floral’s signature style with an organic and natural touch, lots of textured details, and consistent, warm tones featuring deep rust, golden and amber yellows, rich pumpkin, cinnamon, burgundy, dusty rose, terra cotta, and subtle pops of neutrals and greenery. The beautiful color palette, shown below, was a tribute to the fall season and the subtle Spanish-inspired details of the venue. Textures of brass, gold, and copper mixed with organic wood textures were worked into the design, encompassing Stephanie and Pete’s personal style.

Warm autumnal tones featuring deep rust, golden and amber yellows, rich pumpkin, cinnamon, burgundy, dusty rose, terra cotta, and subtle pops of neutrals and greenery paid tribute to fall.

The City Park Pavilion is located next to Ferril Lake in Denver, and has a gorgeous outdoor gazebo with beautiful views of the lake. Stephanie and Pete chose this location for their ceremony keeping the timing of their fall sunset in mind. I think my favorite thing about micro weddings is how guests naturally feel inclined to stand at the ceremony instead of sitting down. It’s hard to explain why it feels different, but it offers a feeling of closeness and informality that we don’t frequently experience at wedding ceremonies. Stephanie and Pete exchanged their vows in front of their closest friends and family as the Colorado sunset provided a warm, glowing ambiance.

The couple invited 25 guests to their wedding at the Denver’s City Park Pavilion, a stunning, outdoor and public facility next to Ferril Lake. The pavilion showcases beautiful architecture with Spanish-style tiling, and the structure itself provides privacy with elegant and thoughtful gating and landscaping.

One of the most uniquely special aspects of the wedding was Stephanie’s request for a live flower bar with yours truly serving as the “Florista” throughout the evening. With only 25 guests, the bride envisioned everyone wearing flowers either as flower crowns or boutonnieres. We set up a corner flower bar station where guests could pick their flower types and colors and I would create their wearable flowers on the spot. By the time dinner was ending, every guest was wearing flowers. It was one of the most special things I’ve ever experienced in person.

I concluded after our 2020 season ended, that I’m on board with micro weddings…whether it’s because of a pandemic or just because its the wedding we never realized we wanted until now. There’s something to be said about celebrating with a small group of people. I watched this couple spend time with each and every guest, converse with everyone, dance together, and celebrate knowing every face would be remembered and cherished forever. Truly, a silver lining from Covid-19 is discovering micro weddings and eventually loving them.

La Rue Floral offers micro wedding services to couples planning on having fewer than 25 guests. Different than our standard wedding minimum, our micro wedding services have a lower minimum. To inquire about micro wedding flowers and pricing, visit our contact page.

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